Frequently Asked Questions

How often do I volunteer…what’s the commitment?

  • You are asked to sign up for 10 shows per season.
  • A typical season starts in September and runs through June, with occasional summer shows.
  • A volunteer who cannot commit to 10 or more shows will become inactive the following season.
  • The volunteer assignment requires you to stay through the performance and averages approximately 4 hours in length.

Will I be assigned to specific dates/performances?

  • You will sign up for dates based on your availability.
  • You are asked to work all types of performances from concert to comedy to symphony to Broadway…

Can I specify a position type or location where I wish to volunteer?

  • Assignments will be handed out on a random basis each day. Be ready, willing, and able for any position type or location.
  • Position types include usher, ticket scanner, elevator operator, Prompter distributor, coat check person, or patron guide.
  • Locations include orchestra, mezzanine and balcony levels of the theaters, and all lobby spaces.
  • Standing for prolonged periods and maneuvering of stairs is required.

Will I be able to see the show?

  • You MAY NOT be able to see the entire performance.
  • Each assignment has specific responsibilities before, during and after the show.
  • You are NOT GUARANTEED A SEAT in the theater. Seating is at designated times and is by availability only.

What do I wear when I volunteer…do I purchase anything?

  • Your own black pants/black skirt and a pure white blouse/shirt with a collar.
  • Your own black shoes with dark/black socks/stockings.
  • Purchase from The Bushnell a vest and tie at the cost of $50.
  • We will provide your nametag and TLC 1st year pin.