Welcome to MyTickets - The Bushnell’s official ticketing portal

Within your MyTickets portal, you are able to:
Access and claim your tickets
Forward them to a friend
Renew your Broadway Subscription

Note: most functions are visible after you’ve purchased your tickets.


To access your MyTickets portal to shows at The Bushnell, click here.
You can also get to your portal from the MyTickets Login button located at the top of every bushnell.org page.

New users will need to create an account and enter their contact information. This allows for a more seamless and swift checkout process. Existing users can log in with your email and password or rest your password if necessary.

Click the three bars in the top right corner (hamburger icon) to view and purchase tickets to all upcoming shows, view your ticket inventory, and manage your account.

Up to eight hours before your event you can access your ticket(s) on your mobile device. To do so, login to your MyTickets portal, select your ticket, and show the bar code at the door. For ease, we suggest logging in to your portal and saving your login credentials before arrival to access your mobile ticket easier.

Please do not take screenshots of your tickets.

Need a visual walkthrough? View an introductory video on how to set up your MyTickets account here.


If you want to forward your tickets, login to your MyTickets portal, and select the ticket you wish to forward from your ticket inventory. Then select “forward tickets” and chose an already existing friend from your friend list or create a new friend. To recall tickets you have forwarded to a friend, click “my history,” select the forwarded tickets and click “recall tickets.”


If you can’t make it to a show anymore and need to sell your tickets, utilize our new consign-back feature, the only official option, by clicking here.

NOTE: consign-back is NOT available for Meet and Greet or VIP experiences.

The only authorized method to resell tickets purchased from The Bushnell is through Consign-back. Unauthorized sale, resale, or attempted resale using any other method is in violation of The Bushnell’s Ticketing Policy and may result in seizure and cancellation without compensation.

Currently, we suggest utilizing consign-back on a desktop for ease.

Note: Once a consign-back has been initiated by the ticket holder, you will be unable to cancel the consign-back in your MyTickets portal. You will need to contact The Bushnell Box Office. If your consign-back is successful, returned funds will automatically go into an online credit that can be used towards future purchases. For other means of returned payment, you will need to reach out to the Box Office.

For a full list of The Bushnell's Ticketing Policies, click here.

For any additional help or questions, please contact The Bushnell Box Office: (860) 987-5900.