Access and Outreach

The Bushnell is dedicated to promoting the inclusion of all people and organizations, including those who may not have the means to participate.
Selected constituencies including students, the aging, hospital patients, impaired and financially disadvantaged persons receive special attention in The Bushnell's programs and services.

PASSPORT to the Arts is a fund established by The Bushnell to provide access, embodying three strategies to SHARE the performing arts with all.

  • Access for Individuals

    Barriers to attendance are any obstacles, including ticket cost or physical impairments, which prevent a person from enjoying The Bushnell’s programs. By removing these barriers, The Bushnell creates a clear pathway for individuals to have all-inclusive access to the arts.

  • Access for Organizations

    As the state’s largest Performing Arts Center, The Bushnell not only presents its own programs, but also provides a well-appreciated and professionally staffed home for many local group and organizations that require an appropriate venue to fulfill their own missions. PASSPORT will fund The Bushnell’s efforts to provide rental subsidies for use of its theater spaces at costs that are not unnecessarily burdensome to such organizations.

  • Access for New Audiences

    Attracting new, first-time audiences is central to The Bushnell’s vision for the future. Shifts in cultural and artistic tastes of theatergoers require The Bushnell to develop innovative programming and engagement activities that incite deeper, more impactful experiences. PASSPORT will fund The Bushnell’s experimentation, audience development, and artist cultivation, allowing The Bushnell the freedom to explore new programs.

To donate to the PASSPORT program, please email or click here (link to support)

Family First Night

The Family First Night program provides reduced price tickets to select Broadway performances, with the goal of encouraging families to attend theater on a regular basis. Tickets are distributed to local not-for-profit service organizations.