Charitable Gift Annuities

With a Charitable Gift Annuity, you can take care of The Bushnell and yourself at the same time!

When you establish a gift annuity with The Bushnell, you make a gift (and receive a charitable tax deduction) now and receive a steady stream of income from the gift annuity during the lifetime(s) of up to two annuitants. Your fixed annual payments are backed by the assets of The Bushnell.

The Bushnell enters into gift annuity agreements beginning at $10,000, reviews each prospective agreement on a case by case basis, and uses the American Council on Gift Annuities’ recommendations as the guideline to determine your annuity rate.

If you would like to know what the benefits of a charitable gift annuity might be for you, contact us to request a confidential gift illustration.

When creating any estate gift for The Bushnell, we encourage you to speak with your legal and financial advisors.

Did you know...

…that charitable gift annuities have been around longer than The Bushnell?! The Council was formed in 1927 (The Bushnell opened just three years later, in 1930) as the Committee on Gift Annuities to study and recommend the range of rates that would provide benefit to both the charity and the donor…and has been doing so on a regular basis ever since. Rate schedules are published on July 1 of each year.