...embracing the diversity and inclusiveness of our communities...


"For those of us who live in the Greater Hartford Community, the Capital Region of Connecticut, the Arts are an important part of our lives. The Bushnell Center for the Performing Arts provides the forum for a wide and diverse spectrum of the Arts. As principal home to the Hartford Symphony and Connecticut Forum, partner with Connecticut’s principal dance companies, and collaborator with regional schools, The Bushnell embraces the diversity and inclusiveness of our communities. Gifts to The Bushnell are gifts to THE ARTS.”
-Mary Fran and Peter Libassi

In a Charitable Remainder Trust, your assets – cash, securities, real estate, or other appreciated property - are transferred irrevocably to a trust and managed by an independent trustee either for life or for a term of years.

You are eligible to receive an income tax deduction in the year the trust is established…and, depending on the asset used to fund the trust, you may also realize capital gains and estate tax savings. During the term of the trust, you and/or your beneficiary receive income typically on a quarterly basis…when the term is completed what remains in the trust comes to The Bushnell. There are two principal types of charitable remainder trusts:

Unitrusts provide you with a variable income based on a fixed percentage of the market value of the trust’s assets, which are revalued annually.

Annuity trusts provide you with a fixed income based on a percentage of the initial market value of the trust.

If you are considering an estate gift of $100,000 or more, a charitable remainder trust offers you the opportunity to do so while retaining an income stream for life. To calculate what the benefits of a charitable remainder trust might be for you, click here to use our online calculator or contact us directly to speak in confidence about this gift option.

When creating any estate gift for The Bushnell, we encourage you to speak with your legal and financial advisors.

Did you know…

...that most people write a will or create an estate plan when a significant “life event” happens, such as the birth of a child or grandchild. Whenever the time is right for you to think about your estate plans and whether philanthropy will play a role, please know that we would be happy to speak with you in confidence and at your convenience…and that we always respect that family comes first!