"The iQuilt plan is vital to creating the vibrant 24 hour downtown that should be the center of our city and the region," Hartford Courant

Originated by The Bushnell in 2008, The iQuilt plan is Downtown Hartford's exciting urban design strategy for walkability and creative placemaking. Now formally incorporated into Hartford's 10-year master plan, the iQuilt capitalizes on two of Hartford's greatest strengths: its extraordinary concentration of arts, cultural, and landscape assets and its exceptionally compact downtown.

The iQuilt Plan seeks to make downtown the "shared living room" for all citizens of Greater Hartford. It already is proving a powerful magnet for investment and economic development, attracting over $60 million for public infrastructure and capital improvements to both public and private spaces. Working with the City, State and many partners, The Bushnell remains a leader in efforts to implement the plan and ensure that Hartford prospers as the region's dynamic urban core far into the future.

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