“Lisa and I firmly believe that The Bushnell is a treasure to all in the greater Hartford area that extends beyond the performances on stage. The Bushnell seems to be a driver in most of what is, and will be, great in Hartford, from economic generation to award winning educational programs to innovative urban development. We would like to see our support of this wonderful institution outlast us, as the community and its people are enriched daily by The Bushnell in a myriad of ways that could not be replaced."
-Carl Peterson

Life Insurance can be used to make a gift to The Bushnell in a variety of ways. You could…

  • Transfer ownership of an existing, paid-up insurance policy to The Bushnell. If you have a policy you no longer need, this can be a great opportunity to create an estate gift for The Bushnell.
  • Designate The Bushnell as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy owned by you.To do so, you may need:
    The Horace Bushnell Memorial Hall Corporation
    166 Capitol Avenue
    Hartford, CT 06106

  • Write a new life insurance policy and name The Bushnell owner and beneficiary

For more information or to speak with us in confidence about using life insurance to make a gift to The Bushnell, please contact us directly.

When creating any estate gift for The Bushnell, we encourage you to speak with your legal and financial advisors.

Did you know…

…that if you wish to deduct the premium payments on a life insurance policy that you are giving to The Bushnell, you need to name The Bushnell as the irrevocable owner of the policy (vs. the beneficiary of the policy)? The IRS does not allow deductions for premium payments if you are the owner of the policy.