...a lifetime of wonderful memories...

Other Gift Types

“The Bushnell has provided us with a lifetime of wonderful memories. To us it is a gem, a vital part of our community and we want to help to ensure its future for generations to come as previous ones have done for ours. We want our children and grandchildren to have the opportunity to share in the Bushnell experience. “
-Fred and Ann Larson

There are so many ways through which you can leave your unique philanthropic legacy for future generations! Briefly, here are just a few ideas.

Charitable Lead Trusts

This gift allows you to preserve an asset, typically valued at $100,000 or more, for a period of time for future use by you, your spouse or heirs, while giving to The Bushnell for a set amount of time. When you create a charitable lead trust for The Bushnell, we receive a stream of income from that trust for a period of years (determined by you). When the trust terminates, the remaining principal in the trust passes to its non-charitable beneficiaries.

Real Estate

If you have real estate that you would like to give to The Bushnell, please contact us to discuss whether, as an outright gift, through retained life estate or other manner, this can be a mutually beneficial gift.

Business Interests

If you are a member of a family business, professional corporation or partnership, there may someday be an opportunity for you to make a gift using closely held stock or partnership interests. When that day comes, we will be happy to talk with you and your advisors about a gift to The Bushnell using business interests.

For more information or to speak with us in confidence about any of these gift opportunities, please contact us directly.

When creating any estate gift for The Bushnell, we encourage you to speak with your legal and financial advisors.

Did you know…

...that an estate gift can be made in any amount?! Large or small, every estate gift that is made to The Bushnell is meaningful, is received gratefully and, most importantly, is helping to elevate the spirit of our community for generations to come! What a wonderful legacy we all can create at The Bushnell!